Sam Houston State University

I’ve taught several classes during my years at Sam Houston State. Online Journalism introduces undergraduate students to a wide variety of online delivery platforms and journalistic writing techniques. The goal is a sophisticated online portfolio filled with hard-hitting journalism and cutting-edge multimedia reporting. I’m also advising the student newspaper, The Houstonianso I like to pinball strong class articles to our student editors.

Audience Research and Analysis offers broad exposure to social science research methods. Students tackle the practical realities and theoretical challenges of surveys, interviews, experiments and ethnographies. They conduct their own fieldwork and compose reports of their methodologies and findings. Students also create their own media advertisement and highlight semiotic meanings and associations buried in their own persuasion.

At the graduate level, Advanced Digital Writing is a pillar of our newish digital media master’s program. We consider Benedict Anderson, Marshall McLuhan, and Robert Putnam to explore the theory and consequences of digital community building, and we use popular guides and discussions of podcasting, photography and social media to inform our practical understanding. Students spend the semester creating websites devoted to hobbies or personal interests like long distance friendships or “urban exploration.”